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 Important Questions to Ask When Choosing a Bail Bondsman, Cleveland, Ohio
While you don’t want to end up in jail, if you do have an encounter with the law and find yourself there, do you know what to do? You’ll likely need a bail bondsman, but knowing which ones are professional and reliable can be more
When Happens When You Post Bail?, Cleveland, Ohio
When a family member or loved one is arrested, you want them home as soon as possible. Getting them out of jail and back to their life is the best way to assess the situation and determine the next course of action. Paying the bond more
Warehouse District, OH
JC Bail Bonding, Bail Bonds, Cleveland, Ohio
1220 W. 3rd St. Suite 181
Cleveland, OH 44113
If you find yourself accused of a crime, your family, job, and other responsibilities cannot simply be put on hold while you wait for a court date behind bars. On the other hand, most people don't have the cash on hand to post bail, whic...
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How Do Bail Bonds Work?, Cleveland, Ohio
If you ever wind up behind bars, you should know the ins and outs of the bail bond process. A bonding company's job is to post bail on your behalf, allowing you to return to more
Ohio Bail Bondsman Explains Payment Options, Collateral & State Rules, Cleveland, Ohio
Getting a loved one out of jail often requires posting bond. Handing over cash or collateral to a bail bondsman may seem scary, but there are guidelines in place to protect everyone more
How Do Bail Bonds Help the Local Economy? , Cleveland, Ohio
At first glance, the bail system may appear little more than a closed transaction between incarcerated persons, the court system, and the bondsman. In reality, the more
How Do You Use a Bail Bondsman?, Cleveland, Ohio
Lofty bail prices can often mean a loved one must stay in prison until their court date. JC Bail Bonding in Cleveland, OH, understands the harm this can cause. This is why a& more
3 Situations When Courts Won't Allow Defendants to Post Bail, Cleveland, Ohio
After a person is arrested, they are given the opportunity to post bail during the arraignment. The money or collateral is used as an insurance policy, letting the defendant more
Common Reasons Why People Need to Post Bail During the Summer, Cleveland, Ohio
Summer is the time of year when we get to spend more time with friends and family, cutting loose and having fun. However, this season also presents more opportunity for reckless more
7 Bail Bond Terms You Should Know , Cleveland, Ohio
After you or a loved one is arrested or accused of a crime, the judge may set an amount for bail. Once you pay this amount, or “post bail,” you are free to leave jail until more
Cleveland Bail Bond Agent Explains the Arrest Process, Cleveland, Ohio
An arrest can be scary and stressful, especially if you don't know what to anticipate. This is why it is so important for every citizen to understand their rights and what to more
A Bail Bonding Company Discusses Driver's License Suspensions for Misdemeanors, Cleveland, Ohio
If you have been charged with a misdemeanor in Ohio, it’s crucial to take the crime seriously and obey any rules imposed by the court. If you fail to follow the law of the land, more
Cleveland Bail Bond Agency Explains 3 Reasons Why Court Dates Are Missed, Cleveland, Ohio
If you have a court hearing scheduled, it is of the utmost importance that you show up at the right time and appropriate place as stipulated by the courts. This is an integral part more
How Does an Ohio Judge Set Bail? A Bail Bonds Expert Explains, Cleveland, Ohio
At JC Bail Bonding, located in Cleveland, OH, we’re in the business of helping clients navigate the bail and bail bond processes. When it comes to setting bail, most judges will more
A Cleveland Bail Bondsman Explains Different Types of Criminal Charges, Cleveland, Ohio
Criminal charges can run the gamut from relatively minor to gravely serious. Securing a release before the trial is a top priority if jail time is a possibility, and this requires more
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