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3 Telltale Signs You Need Dryer Repair, Covington, Kentucky
Clothes dryers are easily the fastest and best way to dry your clothes, but even the best ones will need occasional maintenance to work effectively. While it’s easy to recognize that it’s time to schedule a dryer repair more
4 Common Oven Repair Issues to Watch Out For, Covington, Kentucky
Dealing with oven repairs can bring your dinner plans to a halt, so it’s beneficial to know what steps to take when your appliance is having issues. Complete Appliance Service in Delhi, OH, understands their customers’ more
South Hills, KY Appliance Repair Businesses
Complete Appliance Service, Appliance Services, Refrigerator Repair, Appliance Repair, Ft. Wright, Kentucky
If you’re in the Northern Kentucky or Greater Cincinnati area, you can rest at ease knowing your home and appliances are in good hands. Complete Appliance Service has been serving the region since 1980, and they must be doing someth...
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3 Signs You Need Dishwasher Repair, Covington, Kentucky
One of the great conveniences of modern life, the dishwasher makes meal cleanup a breeze and eliminates countless hours of work over the course of its life. However, when it breaks more
3 Simple Appliance Repair & Maintenance Tips That Can Help You Save Energy, Covington, Kentucky
If you are searching for ways to bring your home energy costs down, start with your appliances. Maintaining your refrigerator, washing machine, and other machines that use more
Avoid Emergency Appliance Repairs This Winter With 3 Key Tips , Covington, Kentucky
During the frigid winter months, nothing beats baking holiday cookies and cuddling up by the fire with some tea. Cincinnati’s icy winters may be difficult, but properly functioning more
3 Tips to Protect Your Kitchen Appliances, Covington, Kentucky
Kitchen appliances can be expensive, so extending the life of the units is a common goal among homeowners. While you can't avoid regular wear and tear, you can take a few simple more
3 Common Issues That Require Appliance Repairs, Covington, Kentucky
A lot of questions might come to mind after an appliance starts to show signs of failure. It could be an issue that’s suddenly making its presence known or an appliance repair more
Cincinnati Appliance Repair Team Shares 3 Uses for Your Garage Fridge, Covington, Kentucky
Do you have a spare refrigerator in your garage you want to put to good use? Complete Appliance Service has plenty of ideas about how you can get the most out of your garage more
Understanding the Dangers of Leaving Lint in Your Dryer, Covington, Kentucky
Lint may seem harmless, but, after too many washes, it can be detrimental to your dryer. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, dryer fires annually cost $35 million in property more
3 Reasons Your Dryer Is Making a Strange Noise, Covington, Kentucky
Determining what’s making that thumping noise when you use the dryer can seem like a mystery. However, if you hear strange noises, Complete Appliance Service in Dehli, OH, more
Cincinnati Dryer Repair Expert Explains What Can Happen if You Don’t Clean Your Lint Trap, Covington, Kentucky
Clearing your dryer’s lint trap is a simple task, but it’s one that is easily forgotten. However, you should be cleaning it after each load of laundry. Complete Appliance Service in more
Delhi Appliance Repair Specialists List Top Refrigerator Models, Covington, Kentucky
Are you looking for a new refrigerator to replace your old one? If so, consulting the professionals at a local appliance repair business can help you find the right options for your more
What Should You Never Do to a Dryer?, Covington, Kentucky
Dryers are sturdy appliances, but they aren’t indestructible. If they aren’t taken care of, these reliable machines can suddenly stop working, leading to expensive dryer repairs—or more
4 Ways to Decide Between Refrigerator Repair or Replacement, Covington, Kentucky
Chances are, you rely on your refrigerator to get through the day, but it can sometimes act up when we least expect it. Maybe it never stops leaking or doesn’t keep things cool more
3 Common Issues That Could Warrant Washer Repair, Covington, Kentucky
You use your washing machine quite often, which is why you need to act quickly when you sense there could be a problem with it. These three issues mean it might be time to call more
3 Situations When You May Need Professional Oven Repair , Covington, Kentucky
Whether you’re baking a cake for that summer barbecue or roasting a turkey for the holidays, the last thing you want is to have a broken oven. That’s why it’s important to call an more
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