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A Pediatric Dentist Explains the 3 Stages of Dental Hygiene, Ewa, Hawaii
To establish great oral health for life, good habits must start in childhood. According to pediatric dentists, children actually go through a few different stages on their way to adulthood, and, as their teeth develop, their dental care more
A Pediatric Dentist Explains Why Kids Shouldn’t Use Teeth as Tools, Ewa, Hawaii
Taking care of your child’s teeth goes beyond the typical spectrum of brushing and flossing every day; it also includes making sure they’re using their teeth appropriately! The children’s dentist at Dentistry For Kids in Pearl City, HI, more
Aliamanu - Salt Lake - Foster Village, HI Pediatric Dentists Businesses
Dentistry For Kids, Dentists, Pediatric Dentistry, Pediatric Dentists, Pearl City, Hawaii
98-1254 Kaahumanu St. Ste 158
Pearl City, HI 96782
Truly exceptional pediatric dentistry is about more than great dental care; it’s about relationships that last a lifetime. At the office of Dentistry For Kids, building connections is always a priority. Welcoming children of al...
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A Pediatric Dentist Offers 4 Quick Tooth Tips for Parents of Toddlers, Ewa, Hawaii
Kids are happier when their teeth are healthy, which is why the children’s dentist at Dentistry For Kids focuses on teaching parents and their treasured tots. From the time more
A Pediatric Dentist’s Top 4 Tips to Make Brushing Teeth Before Bed Fun, Ewa, Hawaii
After a long, busy day, it’s tempting to give in to your child’s desires to skip brushing their teeth before bed. Unfortunately, if you give in, you’ll face a fight every evening at more
3 Essential Holiday Dental Health Tips From Your Pediatric Dentist, Ewa, Hawaii
During the holiday season, there’s a good chance your kids will be eating more sweets than normal. That’s why you should schedule a visit with their pediatric dentist. At Dentistry more
How Sports & Energy Drinks Damage Tooth Enamel, Ewa, Hawaii
Everyone from your family doctor to your best children’s dentist has probably already informed you that caffeine and sugar-laden energy drinks are harmful to your health. In more
A Pediatric Dentist Explains 4 Reasons Baby Teeth Are So Important, Ewa, Hawaii
Most infants show the first signs of baby teeth between six months and one year of age. Some parents mistakenly believe that dental care is not important because these young molars more
Children’s Dentist Shares 3 Tips for a Healthy Mouth, Ewa, Hawaii
As you prepare your children for the new school year, don't forget to make the right plans to maintain their proper oral health. While brushing twice a day is a great start, you more
The Best & Worst Halloween Candy for Your Child’s Teeth, Ewa, Hawaii
Pediatric dentists shiver in fear every October when they think about the damage Halloween candy can do to their patients’ teeth. Trick-or-treating is fun, but too many sweets this more
Pearl City Children’s Dentist Provides Essential Info About Gum Disease , Ewa, Hawaii
Gum disease doesn’t only impact adults; kids can also fall prey to this condition, which is characterized by an inflammation of the gums. Here, the children’s dentists from more
A Pediatric Dentist Explains How Brushing After Eating Can Harm Your Teeth, Ewa, Hawaii
You care about your children’s teeth, which is why you might make regular appointments with a pediatric dentist, encourage them to wear mouth guards during sports, and brush after more
What to Look for in a Pediatric Dentist, Ewa, Hawaii
It’s imperative that both you and your little one feel comfortable with the dental office you choose. That’s why it takes time to find the right pediatric dentist. The doctor more
5 Ways to Prepare Your Child for Their First Dental Visit, Ewa, Hawaii
That first dental visit can be an intimidating experience for a child due to the unfamiliar environment, new people, and strange activities. If you aren't careful, your little more
Best Pediatric Dentists Explain 3 Reasons Children Should Floss, Ewa, Hawaii
To ensure a lifetime of optimal oral health, it’s important for children to learn about all aspects of proper dental hygiene. That’s why the best pediatric dentists always emphasize more
4 Tips Children’s Dentists Recommend for Proper Toothbrush Care, Ewa, Hawaii
Teaching a child how to properly care for their toothbrush is a vital component of oral hygiene. It eliminates a number bacteria and helps the product to retain its pristine more
Pearl City Pediatric Dentist Debunks 3 Common Dental Myths, Ewa, Hawaii
If you have a simple question regarding the care of your child’s teeth, you might perform a quick Google search to get the answer. Unfortunately, you can’t trust everything you read more
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