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Pool Pro Shares 2 Key Facts About Pool Maintenance & Chemicals August 4, 2015

Kihei, Maui
Pool Pro Shares 2 Key Facts About Pool Maintenance & Chemicals, Kihei, Hawaii

Everyone enjoys a dip in a refreshingly crisp pool on a scorching hot summer day. But people would be far more hesitant to jump in swimming pools if they knew what kind of germs were growing in them. That is, germs that grow in pools without proper pool maintenance and chemical cleaning, of course. Pool Pro is the top pool company in Kihei, Hawaii, and the staff makes sure that their customers not only have fabulous pools, but clean ones too.

Here are a couple key things pool owners should know about chemicals and how to keep pools clean.

  • Why Chlorine is so Important: While there are a slew of myths circulating about chlorine, people should understand that it is an important, multi-functional disinfectant. The purpose of chlorine is two-fold: combat waterborne germs that could lead to diarrhea, ear infections and other illnesses and get rid of algae.
  • Using Chemicals to Monitor Organic Debris: It certainly isn't pretty to talk about, but it is a reality that needs to be discussed. Whether it's a pool in the backyard of someone's home or a public swimming pool, organic debris such as body oils, urine, fecal matter, and perspiration will infest the swimming area without proper chemicals. While these things are less than attractive to think about, people must recognize that they will lead to diseases unless controlled by professionals and the right chemical products.

For more information on the pool supplies, variety of pools, and pool services offered by Pool Pro, give the expert staff a call today at (808) 879-3294. The staff will ensure your pool is sparkling clean and free of germs.

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