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3 Ways You Can Brighten Your Smile Before You See a Cosmetic Dentist August 3, 2015

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3 Ways You Can Brighten Your Smile Before You See a Cosmetic Dentist, Fort Worth, Texas

First impressions are so important: You dress for success to let people know you should be taken seriously. Have you considered what your smile says about you? A bright, beautiful smile completes the picture, and people will remember your charm. If you have missing teeth or teeth that are damaged, a visit to The Dental Implant Place in Forth Worth can dramatically transform your smile.

Here are three procedures you can perform before seeing the dentist:

  • Timely brushing: The first (and extremely simple) step you can take is to brush your teeth after each meal or beverage consumption, especially if you have had coffee, wine or other staining agents. Teeth are slightly porous and absorb colors easily. Keep a toothbrush on hand to remove those colors from your mouth before they set.
  • DIY whitening: There are several homemade teeth whitening strategies you can try. Activated charcoal attracts tannin (the staining compound), so put a little power on your toothbrush and gently brush. Baking soda is always a great option, but you might want to try mixing a little baking soda with a mashed up strawberry for extra whitening.
  • Professional kits: This gets challenging, because some products you can buy in stores work well, but many do not. If you have compromised teeth or gums, you want to steer clear of these all together.

Of course, when you need more comprehensive and substantial restoration services, you should put your oral care in the hands of Fort Worth’s premier dental implant dentist, Dr. Steve Brown and his exceptional staff. Whether you require dentures, bridges or dental implants, the dentists at The Dental Implant Place employ the latest technology and best practices to give you the smile you have always dreamed of. Call (817) 560-0414 today to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Brown.

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