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The Dental Implant Place Explains The Benefits of Small Diameter Implants May 12, 2015

Fort Worth, Tarrant
The Dental Implant Place Explains The Benefits of Small Diameter Implants, Fort Worth, Texas

To give your smile the upgrade it needs to enhance your natural beauty, fix missing teeth, and provide you with a better quality of life, you may be considering dental implants. While traditional implants are a good choice, small diameter dental implants offered at the The Dental Implant Place’s Fort Worth facility offer a superior alternative.

There are several key advantages of small diameter implants. They are much more affordable than their traditional counterparts, since they are engineered using fewer materials and parts. This allows you to get the smile you’ve always dreamed of without breaking the bank.

Small diameter dental implants are also quicker to replace and restore, making the procedure less invasive and allowing for a swifter, more comfortable healing process. Additionally, these smaller implants require less bone tissue, eliminating the need for bone grafting and resulting in less bone loss and greater compatibility with most patients.

Dr. Steve Brown, an experienced cosmetic dentist and dental implant surgeon, is committed to offering the highest quality dental care and services to his patients at The Dental Implant Place. This why he chooses to work with small diameter implants whenever possible. However, he also offers a wide variety of implant options to suit everyone's needs.

In addition to offering dental implant services, The Dental Implant Place also makes dentures, bridges, dental crowns, and more in its in-house dental lab. Whether you need a dental crown replaced or want to learn more about small diameter dental implants, contact The Dental Implant Place by visiting their website or calling (817) 560-0414 now.

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