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The Fascinating History of the French Macaron April 20, 2018

O'Bryonville, Cincinnati
The Fascinating History of the French Macaron, Cincinnati, Ohio

Macarons are delicate, meringue-based dessert sandwiches that go wonderfully with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. But the French macaron is not easy to make, so be sure to get yours from a high-quality bakery that’s experienced in crafting these delicacies. The BonBonerie in Cincinnati, OH, is one of the best choices to stock up on macarons for your next tea party or snack session. Learn more about this treat’s history below:

The Original Macaron

The first appearance of this treat dates back to the Middle Ages. While it’s widely considered to be French, it was actually an Italian dessert that became popular in France thanks to Catherine de’ Medici, who brought them to the country from Italy. The original name for them at the time literally translated to “priest’s bellybutton.”

Cincinnati French MacaronFrance Makes the Dessert Their Own

While this treat’s popularity eventually faded in Italy, the French couldn’t get enough. Countless regional recipes appeared all over France as creative bakers attempted to make their own variations. The recipe that is most often used for the French macarons we know today can be traced back to Paris in the early 19th century.

At the time, it was known as the Parisian macaron; what made it special was the combination of two meringue cookies with fluffy, flavored cream in between. The decision to double up on the cookies and add cream was a big hit, and this formula has persisted into the modern day. 

If you want to experience a scrumptious piece of French culture without having to book a flight, call the BonBonerie in Cincinnati at (513) 321-3399 or visit their website to place an order. After indulging in a French macaron, you should also check out their selection of other delicacies and keep them in mind if you want a stunning wedding cake for your big day.

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