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3 Steps Involved in Residential Pond Excavation April 12, 2018

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3 Steps Involved in Residential Pond Excavation, Northville, New York

Adding a water element to your property can increase its aesthetic appeal and bring a unique ecosystem right into your yard. Before you can enjoy a beautiful pond, however, you’ll first need to enlist a team to assist you with pond excavation. Here, the talented excavation contractors from Frasier & Son Contracting & Septic Service LLC in Northville, NY, provide an overview of the process.

What to Expect During Pond Excavation

1. Site Assessment

There are many factors to consider before beginning pond construction, including soil type, location, and anticipated size. Ponds are often constructed next to patios for optimal viewing, allowing you to enjoy the water while entertaining or relaxing outdoors. To ensure perfect positioning, the contractor will also take into consideration elements such as the water level and slope.

2. Ledge Construction

After the pond placement has been determined, the excavator will begin digging out ledges. A well-constructed pond has varying depths and is deepest toward the center. Also called shelves, these varying depths are strategically dug to prevent the hazards of an abrupt drop-off and to support the overall stability of the pond over time. Shelves also allow you to incorporate various types of aquatic plant life into your pond.

3. Berm Development

pond excavation Northville NYAfter the ledges have been constructed, pipes and filters will be placed in the pond. Then, the excavated soil will be removed to build up the sides of the pond’s perimeter, called the berm. The larger the pond, the higher the berm should be. If the excavated soil is not ideal for berm construction, the contractor may choose to have outside topsoil brought in.

Once your pond has been excavated and filled, you’ll be able to enjoy a beautiful water feature for years to come! If you’re interested in pond excavation for your home, Frasier & Son Contracting & Septic Service LLC can help. Their professionals have provided high-quality services and outstanding customer support for nearly three decades. They also offer veteran and senior discounts. To discuss your project with their team, call (518) 863-4326 or visit the contractors online.

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