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Tree Care Company Shares Top 3 Signs of a Healthy Tree April 6, 2018

Moanalua, Honolulu
Tree Care Company Shares Top 3 Signs of a Healthy Tree, Honolulu, Hawaii

Hawaii’s climate is favorable for greenery, with trees on practically every block. Home owners with trees in their vicinity have the added responsibility of tree care to ensure neighborhood safety and beautification. To help you recognize whether or not your trees are in good standing, Ohana Tree Services in Honolulu, HI describes the signs of a healthy tree.

Top 3 Signs of a Healthy Tree

1. No Broken or Dead Branches       

tree careA healthy tree doesn’t have broken or dead branches. To test branch health, try lightly scratching or gently bending them. Ideally, branches will reveal a green underside and will not snap easily under pressure. If you do come across any dead branches, prune them immediately, or they could provide an opening for insects and diseases to destroy the tree.

2. Bark Is Intact

With the exception of maples and birches, healthy tree bark should look sturdy, not loose or peeling, and should also be free of cracks, holes, and fungi. To assess the health of your tree, try the scratch test with your fingernail or a small knife. Remove a small piece of the exterior bark and examine it, paying attention to color. Healthy tree bark will be green inside, whereas a dead or dying tree will appear brown and dry.

3. No Signs of Disease

Over time, trees can become vulnerable to a number of diseases with a variety of causes, including insect infestations, poor weather conditions, and infected pruning tools. Keep an eye out for common symptoms like visible insects, a lack of flowers, distorted leaves, holes, and strange growths on the branches. Contact your tree care specialist if you observe any of these signs so they can assess the damage and determine the best course of action.

For proper tree care, trust Ohana Tree Services. This reliable tree service company has provided central Oahu with everything from tree pruning to stump removal for over 20 years. Call (808) 520-0186 for a free estimate, or visit their website for service information.

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