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How to Ensure Proper Tree Care on Your Property April 6, 2018

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How to Ensure Proper Tree Care on Your Property, Wiota, Wisconsin

Strong and healthy foliage doesn't sprout overnight. It’s a gradual process that requires years of nourishment and proper maintenance. Starting tree care early is key to ensure their proper growth and protect them against common pests and diseases. Below are some essential steps to keep your trees healthy and beautiful for a long time to come.

A Guide to Proper Tree Care

Keep Them Hydrated

Sufficient watering is especially important if you live in an area that doesn't receive much rainfall. Typically, young trees require around 25 gallons of water each week. You can easily achieve this by placing a five-gallon bucket of water with small holes in it near the tree’s base and refilling it five times a week.

Tree CareAdd Mulch

Mulching offers two-fold benefits to the trees. It helps retain moisture and prevents weed growth in the surrounding soil. Products made of leaf compost or tree bark are considered best for protecting younger plants. You can consult a tree care expert to find which mulch is best-suited for your trees and how much you will need. 

Use Trunk Guards

Because they’re out in the open, your trees are in constant danger of being attacked by stray animals and weeds. In addition to mulch, trunk guards block weeds and help preserve the nutrients in the soil for your trees. These applications are also effective against deer and other animals that could strip the bark.

Trim the Tree

Excess branches affect your trees’ appearance and consume much of the soil nutrients. Regular pruning rids the plants of these overgrown branches and keeps them in proper shape. It also effectively removes dead or diseased wood and prevent these problems from spreading to other parts of the tree.


Providing tree care from an early stage results in healthier and longer-lasting foliage. Anytime you need help with tree maintenance, turn to the experts at Stietz Tree Service. Based in Darlington, WI, they have provided area residents a variety of tree upkeep and nourishment solutions for nearly 30 years. For further information about their comprehensive tree services, call (608) 776-3678 or visit their website.

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