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How Does Auto Painting Match My Car’s Current Color? March 16, 2018

Polson, Lake
How Does Auto Painting Match My Car’s Current Color?, Polson, Montana

No matter how severe a car accident may seem, your vehicle’s paint is one area that will always be negatively affected by a collision. In the midst of all your other repairs, you might wonder if your car will ever look like new again. But as the team at OHS’ Body Shop in Kalispell, MT, explains, modern auto painting technology has made it easier than ever for experienced technicians to come up with an exact match for your vehicle.

Finding a Match

Determining a perfect match for your car’s color doesn’t have to be left up to guesswork. Instead, automotive technicians start by finding the color code for your car’s paint. This information is unique and based on your vehicle’s manufacturer, model, and even the year it was manufactured.

The same vehicle model could actually use a slightly different shade of paint for the “same” color in different production years. Some facilities also use a color-matching camera to help determine the exact paint variety used. 

Perfecting the Mix

auto paintingMost auto painting providers are able to achieve the right match for your vehicle using the paints they already have on hand. Using specialized equipment, different paint varieties are blended together to create a precise match.

After paint is applied to a scratch or dent, additional gradual blending will help eliminate any noticeable differences in the paint shades. With the right paints and color matching technology, the restored area will look like a perfect match and generate a seamless appearance on your repaired car.

From basic auto painting to intensive collision repair work, you can trust OHS’ Body Shop to help your damaged vehicle look and perform like new again. With over 40 years of experience, their ASE and I-Car certified mechanics will provide superior results every time. To learn more about their auto body repair services, visit them online or call (406) 752-8202.

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