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Cincinnati Personal Injury Lawyers Provide 5 Winter Weather Safety Tips March 9, 2018

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Cincinnati Personal Injury Lawyers Provide 5 Winter Weather Safety Tips, Cincinnati, Ohio

When wintry weather strikes cold areas like Cincinnati, OH, snow and ice on the ground can easily lead to slips and falls. This is especially true if a store owner neglected to put salt on an icy sidewalk or mop up puddles left behind by wet boots. Here, the personal injury attorneys of Gregory S. Young Co., LPA provide their top tips for staying safe despite the increased risk of falling.

Avoid Filing a Personal Injury Claim With These 5 Tips

1. Invest in Good Boots

personal injuryLook for shoes with rubber soles that offer adequate traction. This will help you keep your grip as you walk on an icy pathway. Absolutely need to wear cute shoes? Change into them once you’ve reached your destination.

2. Beware of Black Ice

Parking lots, driveways, roads—these black-top asphalt surfaces are a prime target for black ice formation. Since it’s hard to spot, this slippery stuff is a common cause of winter accidents. Step with extra caution on these surfaces, even if you don’t see anything.

3. Keep Your Hands Free

Try to avoid carrying items while you’re outside in the winter. It’s good to keep your hands free to help maintain balance. This also gives you some extra support if you fall.  

4. Watch Out Inside

Snow and ice don’t just lead to dangers outdoors. People tracking in moisture on their shoes can make for slippery surfaces inside, too. Always check for wet floors when entering buildings.

5. Shovel Your Walkways

After a snowfall, immediately clear your driveway and the walkway in front of your home. This not only protects you and your family, but it’s also a neighborly service to others in your area.

If you do slip and fall this winter and believe you have grounds to file a personal injury case, Gregory S. Young Co., LPA can help. Since 1958, this Cincinnati, OH, law firm has been getting citizens the damages they deserve. Whether you have a medical malpractice case or want justice after a car crash, they will help. For a free consultation, contact them online or by calling (513) 721-1077.

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