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3 Benefits of Cleaning Windows After Construction February 28, 2018

Columbus, Franklin
3 Benefits of Cleaning Windows After Construction, Columbus, Ohio

Once a new building has been completed, it needs a final cleanup to remove construction debris and make it fit for use. One of the most important steps in this process is cleaning windows to let in light and improve the aesthetics of the building. Here are just a few reasons to consider hiring a professional window cleaning service for the task.

Why Cleaning Windows After Construction Is Important 

1. Remove Debris

After a project, the new building is often filled with signs of the work which has been done. Cement and plaster dust, wood shavings, dirt, and paint can all end up on windows no matter how well they’re protected. A thorough cleaning by a professional can remove these materials and leave the glass clear and gleaming.

2. Avoid Scratches & Damage

Cleaning WindowsWhile modern window glass is designed to resist scratches, improper cleaning techniques can sometimes leave visible flaws. Construction debris are often tough to remove, and if done incorrectly, various types of grit can scratch the glass and leave permanent marks. Professional services with experience cleaning windows after construction use the appropriate techniques to avoid this.

3. Spot Problems Around Windows

Since your window washers will be getting up close and personal with the glass, they’re the best people to spot nearby problems. If there are flawed window seals, incorrectly installed shutters, or any other problems, the service can let you know so you can get the issue fixed promptly.


Al’s Windows - A Marsden Company in Columbus, OH, is the expert in cleaning windows. With their help, you can increase light in your commercial building, improve curb appeal, and keep your premises clean and attractive. To arrange service, call them today at (614) 284-1993 or request a quote online. Like them on Facebook for more tips and company information. 

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