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Why Choose Stainless-Steel Mounted Ball Bearings With Triple-Lip Seal March 2, 2018

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Why Choose Stainless-Steel Mounted Ball Bearings With Triple-Lip Seal, Delavan, Wisconsin

To work properly, conveyors, lifts, and many other material-handling devices require sturdy, reliable mounted ball bearings. They come in a variety of designs and qualities, but your best bet is a stainless-steel bearing with a triple-lip seal. To explain why, Industrial Component Sales, the leading Representatives of motion control products in Hudson, WI, Bemidji MN, Delavan WI,  and Lincoln NE explains some of the most important benefits of these products and what a triple-lip seal does.

What Is a Triple-Lip Seal?

mounted ball bearingsProducts that rely on mounted ball bearings take a great deal of punishment, and without proper lubrication, they can overheat and eventually fail. Thus, they are filled with grease or lubricating oil so that they roll or spin smoothly. Unfortunately, in lower-quality bearings, the lubricant can leak out, and dirt, dust, or other contaminants can find a way inside. If either of these things happens, it puts the bearing at risk of friction damage. A triple-lip seal on a stainless-steel bearing offers three lips, or three levels of protection, that guarantee the lubricant stays within the bearing and mud, moisture, and other pollutants stay out.

Why Stainless Steel?

Stainless steel is a durable and versatile material. It is easy to work with, and thus fairly easy to manufacture. It is both heat and corrosion-resistant, so it is ideal for use in bearings, even in areas of high humidity. In fact, high-grade stainless steels can resist corrosion by chlorine, many acids, and alkaline solutions. It has a very high strength-to-weight ratio and exceptional impact resistance, and it is well suited to both very hot and very cold environments. In other words, a stainless-steel mounted ball bearing with triple-lip seals is practically invulnerable to failure under normal circumstances.  IPTCI Bearings in Minneapolis MN sells many Stainless steel bearings with triple lip seals in food applications, on conveyors, packaging, shrink wrapping and a multitude of food, beverage, and corrosion resistant environments.  They also have specialty stainless steel bearings  like the “Stand Off Series” that allow food manufacturers to maintain high cleanliness standards, while preventing corrosion and the spread of germs.  they also have special bearings for deep fryers. 

To learn more about IPTCI mounted ball bearings, contact the team at Industrial Component Sales with offices in Bemidji, MN, Hudson WI, Delavan WI and Lincoln, NE. They've been serving the Upper Midwest since 2000, and have since built a solid reputation for quality products and exceptional service. Visit their website to submit a contact form, or call (651) 270-0151 to discuss your needs with a friendly, knowledgeable sales professional.

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