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3 Reasons to Choose a Cage-Free Pet Resort February 23, 2018

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3 Reasons to Choose a Cage-Free Pet Resort, Bad Rock-Columbia Heights, Montana

There’s a reason dogs are considered man’s best friend. Loyal, cuddly, and loving, they provide unconditional devotion. Isn’t it only fair they receive the same in return? When you go out of town and need to leave them on their own, you have the option of a kennel or a more luxurious cage-free pet resort. If you haven’t explored the cage-free option yet, here are three reasons to keep it in mind for your furry friend.

Why You Should Opt for Cage-Free Dog Boarding

1. Physical Activity

For dogs, nothing spells adventure like a day spent running and playing in complete freedom. In a cage, there’s little space for dogs to enjoy that kind of activity. Without such restraints, however, your pet can roam freely, run around, and engage in normal exercise. 

2. Improved Well-Being

pet resortSpending time with other animals is also beneficial for your pet’s well-being. Socializing with other dogs isn’t a requirement, but the option provides your pet with the opportunity to get outside of their comfort zone and play with others. This may even prove helpful when you’re reunited with your pooch — those encounters with other dogs in the park may become friendlier than you ever imagined!

3. Simple Routine

It’s easy for dogs to feel anxious when they’re placed in dog boarding or a kennel. But in a more luxurious, cage-free pet resort, a certain familiarity comes with the experience. Pups are permitted to enjoy the foods they like, play with the toys they love, and spend their free time the way they enjoy. Those are all keys to a healthy daily routine, which minimizes anxiety and confusion that may occur when you aren’t around.


Although it’s tough to part with your dog, you’ll feel comfortable knowing they’re in the hands of an experienced professional who cares. At K-9 Camp & Boarding Retreat in Kalispell, MT, nothing matters more than your pooch’s well-being and comfort. The pet resort provides plenty of space for your dog to play as well as 8-by-8 foot cabins to keep your four-legged friend comfortable throughout their stay. Visit the facility’s website and Facebook page for more information, or call (406) 755-7487 (SITS) to schedule an initial meeting.

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