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7 Signs You Need to Call a Junk Removal Service February 19, 2018

Lansingburgh, Troy
7 Signs You Need to Call a Junk Removal Service, Troy, New York

A junk removal service will help you get rid of unwanted items and ensure your home stays clean and organized. However, some homeowners and business owners wait too long to hire one and allow junk to pile up. To avoid this trap, look out for the following signs. These will help you determine when to bring in junk removal professionals.

How to Know When It’s Time to Call a Junk Removal Service

1. You’re Running Out of Storage Space

A junk removal service will clear out valuable space in your home and garage by removing excess or unwanted items. Monitor the available space in your garage and attic and pick up the phone before you run out of options.

2. Your Belongings Smell Like Mold

If junk piles up in a corner of your home and sits there for a significant amount of time, it could accumulate dirt and mold. This may lead to major health issues, so have those items removed from your home right away.

3. You Don’t Use Many Belongings

junk removal serviceExcess items can make a home feel cluttered and dysfunctional. Hire a junk removal company to go through your house and clear out unwanted items so you can reinvigorate your living space.

4. You Don’t Know Where to Find Important Items

If you let unused items pile up over time, it may become difficult to find items you do use. Instead of digging through boxes of junk to find that one piece of seasonal clothing or box of holiday decorations, filter out the junk and keep what matters.

5. You Have Large Furniture You Don’t Need

A junk removal service can also remove large items you want to get rid of but can’t move on your own—such as mattresses. If you’re buying a new bed or couch and don’t have a way to remove the old one, call a junk hauling or furniture disposal company.

6. Insects & Pests Get Into Your Home

Piles of junk around your home can also lead to an infestation of bugs or other pests. If you notice these pesky intruders, consider it a sign you should clear out unnecessary items as soon as possible.

7. You Don’t Know Where to Start

If you want to declutter your home but are overwhelmed by the massive amount of junk, you’ll likely keep putting it off and exacerbate the problem. However, a professional company will purge the space quickly, allowing you to organize it before accumulating more belongings.


Joey’s Junk Removal is a trusted junk removal service in Troy, NY, equipped to clear your home of trash, excess belongings, and large pieces of furniture. They also offer affordable dumpster rentals and same- or next-day service to fit your specific needs. Call (518) 237-5865 or contact the company online to learn more.

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