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How to Choose Between Open & Closed Casket February 16, 2018

Harrison, Harrison
How to Choose Between Open & Closed Casket, Harrison, Ohio

When a loved one passes, it can be difficult to focus on the details of arranging a funeral or viewing. Your funeral director can provide immeasurable comfort through helping with those details, but there are some choices you will need to make on your own, such as whether your loved one would want an open or closed casket. Here are a few considerations for making this choice.

Considerations for Deciding Between an Open or Closed Casket


Ycasketour memories of your loved one are not defined by how they appeared at the end of their life, but by the entire life that they lived. Still, an open casket may give you and others one last chance to remember them looking comfortable and at peace.

On the other hand, you will have to consider whether the departed would prefer to be remembered how they looked in earlier years. In those situations, a closed casket may be best, perhaps with tasteful pictures from an earlier stage of their life.


The religion of the departed will make a difference to how they are buried. For instance, in the Islamic faith, individuals are buried soon after death, which does not allow time for a viewing. Other religions have similar guidelines, while others do not have any parameters in this area. One of the most important parts of whatever choice you make is to do your best to honor what your loved one would want. In some situations, it is appropriate to discuss this with them beforehand.


For kind and trustworthy funeral services in the area around Cincinnati and Harrison, OH, Minges Funeral Home helps arrange everything from caskets to memorial services and more so that you can focus on saying goodbye. Founded in 1860 and run by six generations of a single family, they put forth every effort possible to make difficult times easier, including running a support group as part of their aftercare services. To get in touch today, visit their website or call them at (513) 661-3022.

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