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4 Tips for Maintaining a Rental Home During Freezing Weather January 19, 2018

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4 Tips for Maintaining a Rental Home During Freezing Weather, La Crosse, Wisconsin

If you have rental property in an area that experiences very cold winters, such as La Crosse, WI, you know the damages that can occur when temperatures dip below freezing. Frozen pipes can shut down the plumbing system, and the repairs may be expensive, particularly if the pipes burst. The property management staff at Munson Realty, Inc. wants your rental home’s pipes to stay ice-free and has a few tips to help you.

4 Property Management Tips for Protecting Your Rental Home From Freezing Temperatures 

1. Run Your Heater

property managementOne way to keep your rental property’s pipes from freezing is by turning on the heater. Have your property management team instruct your renters to keep the heater set at 55 degrees or higher so inside temperatures won’t dip too low. When your home is vacant, keep your heater ready to come on if the weather turns unexpectedly frigid.

2. Leave the Faucet On

It may sound counterproductive, but letting your faucet drip slightly keeps water moving. This will relieve pressure on your plumbing system and prevent the faucet and its pipes from freezing as quickly.

3. Open Cabinet Doors

More often than not, the pipes homes rely on are hidden out of sight in cabinets. When freezing temperatures strike, open interior doors and allow your heat to circulate throughout those areas as well. 

4. Seal Any Cracks

Do a quick scan of your rental home to see if you notice cracks in walls or floors. Fill in any spaces you find with flexible, paintable caulk that won’t be a problem when your walls’ wood frames expand due to heat and humidity. Also, check your window and door weatherstripping to ensure cold air is being kept out while the heat is kept in.

If your pipes freeze, get in touch with the property management staff at Munson Realty Inc. The 24/7 emergency maintenance team is standing by and ready to help you protect your rental home throughout the Wisconsin winter. As a family-owned and -operated company, they treat tenants like one of their own and want to make sure you stay comfortable year-round. Call (608) 785-7187 or visit their website today to schedule your appointment. 

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