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Why You Should Consider Using Sand for Snow on Your Driveway January 17, 2018

Anchorage, Anchorage County
Why You Should Consider Using Sand for Snow on Your Driveway, Anchorage, Alaska

Those who live in cold areas of the country know the importance of having a reliable snow removal method. While many have opted for salt in the past, there is a new trend taking over for driveway and walkway maintenance. Sand is effective for providing traction and making your walkway a safer, more-accessible place for guests. It’s even useful in areas with extreme freezing temperatures for keeping grip on slippery, dangerous ice. 

How Will Sand Keep My Driveway Safe?

sandUsing sand to slip-proof your driveway is an effective and cost-efficient route to consider. Sand is applied on top of slick areas to provide traction and grit, allowing you to walk and drive more safely. It’s not used to melt snow but rather to give homeowners more control over their driveway when there is only a thin layer of ice. Mason sand, a specially formulated type of granulated rock material, sits on top of the ice and, because of its abrasive nature, sticks to the surface without budging to give you safer footing. 

What Should I Know About Using Sand?

Sand is an excellent option for anyone looking for a snow or ice solution that won’t break the bank. It’s relatively inexpensive and won’t budge once it’s applied. However, homeowners should be aware that once the sand becomes buried by snow, it will no longer be effective. The trick to making the most out of sand on your driveway is to reapply it each time a new snow storm covers the existing layer. You should also be prepared to remove excess sand material to prevent buildup in drainage areas, which can cause major blockages.


Driveway and lawn maintenance can be a challenge for homeowners during the cold weather months. Luckily, for those in Anchorage, AK, Johnson’s Carpet Cleaning is here to help. For 20 years, they have provided comprehensive snow removal and sand application, as well as carpet care and lawn work, to residents all over the area. Focused on quality work and attention to detail, you’re guaranteed to see an immediate improvement in the quality of your home. Visit them online to learn more about their snow removal services, or reach out today at (907) 344-3831.

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