Marlborough, Connecticut

January Message from CAP Chairman, Karl Hespeler January 9, 2018

Marlborough, Hartford County
January Message from CAP Chairman, Karl Hespeler , Marlborough, Connecticut

As the New Year begins, I find the desire to set new goals and try to change my mind set on certain issues.  I always try to start with a positive attitude. In this regard, I would like to take the time to reflect on the importance of attitude to manage Parkinson’s disease. How does one maintain a positive attitude when dealing with the difficult symptoms of Parkinson’s?   Ultimately, I think it comes down to choice.

As my wife, Michelle, was diagnosed almost eleven years ago, I know first-hand the fortitude and positive attitude it takes to fight this disease every day. I know her attitude has played a big part in managing her symptoms. After a brief period of grief, she accepted her diagnosis head-on, but also had to change her “mindset,” understanding there were some things she couldn’t do as well as before her diagnosis. There is a famous quote that comes to mind; “Accept the things I cannot change, but the courage to change the things I can.” 

 CAP is currently involved in a clinical study measuring the outcomes associated with positive thinking. Previous research has suggested there may be measurable improvements in Parkinson’s symptoms by thinking positively.  Many experts believe there is a direct connection between your mind and your body. I would like to encourage you to take control of your disease. You can do this tapping into your own power of the mind and empower yourself to overcome your Parkinson’s’ symptoms. 

I think one way to help defeat your diagnosis and maintain a positive attitude is to take action.  If you haven’t already, please consider taking small steps and consider doing some or all of the following:

  • Join a support group
  • Partner with your doctor
  • Exercise, Exercise, Exercise – Join a Parkinson’s’ exercise group
  • Consider alternative approaches
  • Become an Advocate
  • Let those who love you, help you
  • Sign up for clinical trials

Special Note: On Saturday, November 17th CAP hosted a Gala event at the Aqua Turf Club in Plantsville, CT. Over 430 people attended the event including many from the research, hospital, and pharmaceutical communities.  We raised almost $60,000. I would like to thank those of you attended the event. Monies raised will be used to benefit research programs, clinical trials and wellness programs for people with PD.  CAP is trying to help our members live lives today while trying to find a cure for tomorrow. 

CAP is here to serve you. If we can help you in any way, please give us a call.

Warm Regards,



Karl C. Hespeler

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