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How to Keep Your Pipes & Water Pump From Freezing This Winter January 11, 2018

Voluntown, New London
How to Keep Your Pipes & Water Pump From Freezing This Winter, Voluntown, Connecticut

Winter in New England is often frigid, and the cold weather can freeze or damage your plumbing. To help you avoid trouble with your pipes or water pump this winter, McGuire Plumbing & Heating in Voluntown, CT, offers some tips for winterizing your system. The information below should help you prevent damage and avoid expensive repairs.

Valuable Tips to Prevent Frozen Pipes or Water Pumps

1. Cover Outdoor Spigots

Water pumpPipes running to your outdoor faucets are particularly vulnerable to freezing and bursting. Because of this, it's important to detach any hoses or sprinklers and protect these spigots with insulated foam faucet covers.

2. Insulate Pipes

Also vulnerable are any pipes that run along exterior walls or through unheated parts of your home or garage. These should all be wrapped with insulation. You can purchase ready-made pipe insulation, but a more inexpensive option is to use cotton material or denim. Cut-up, old sweatshirts are also ideal.

3. Protect the Water Pump

If you have a well house, install a heat lamp to keep the water pump from freezing. Another option is to line a trash can with insulation and place it upside-down to further protect the pump against the cold.

4. Leave Kitchen & Bathroom Sink Cabinets Open

Even indoor pipes can freeze if warm air cannot reach them, as is the case with sink pipes located in a bathroom or kitchen cabinet. On nights where the temperature is predicted to drop precipitously, be sure to leave your cabinet doors open so warm air can get to the pipes below.

If, despite your efforts at winterizing, you've experienced a frozen or burst pipe, get in touch with the experts at McGuire Plumbing & Heating in Voluntown, CT, immediately. They respond quickly and offer dependable work and superior customer service throughout New London and Windham Counties. Visit their website to submit an online information request, or call (860) 376-3388 today to schedule service.

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