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High Point’s Trusted Auto Service Experts Share How to Maintain Your Battery January 12, 2018

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High Point’s Trusted Auto Service Experts Share How to Maintain Your Battery, High Point, North Carolina

You rely on your car every day to get you where you need to go. While regular auto services and engine maintenance will keep your car running for years to come, it won’t do any good if your car can’t start. Your car’s battery, like your engine, needs to be maintained throughout the year to prevent premature wear and corrosion. To keep your battery in good shape, there are a few simple things you can do to keep your battery working properly, but first, you need to understand what corrosion is and why it’s bad for your vehicle.

What Corrosion Is & How It Impacts Your Auto Services Appointments

Auto ServicesIdeally, when you pop open the hood of your car and inspect the battery, the casing should be mostly clean. However, if you see white, brown, or green deposits around the battery housing, your battery is starting to corrode. Corrosion is caused when battery acid leaks from the housing and mixes with other chemicals under the hood. When the corrosion builds up on the battery terminals, the system won’t start as efficiently or quickly. If you leave the battery to corrode away, you’ll need to schedule more frequent auto service appointments to replace the unit and remove buildup.

How You Can Prevent It

Luckily, corrosion is relatively easy to prevent. Periodically inspect and clean your battery using an approved solution, and keep moisture out of the hood. If the hood is not sealing properly or you notice an increase in rust and condensation, schedule an appointment with your auto repair specialist.

Every few months, apply petroleum jelly or high-quality auto grease to the terminals to prevent moisture intrusion in the battery casing, and ask your mechanic to inspect your battery as part of your routine maintenance appointment. If they see anything out of the ordinary or are concerned about corrosion buildup, they’ll help you get your battery back in good condition.


If you’re looking for a reliable auto service team to handle all of your car repair needs, look no further than P & T Automotive Repair in High Point, NC. Their dedicated staff will work to keep your car running well every day that it’s on the road. Learn more about their services online, and call (336) 869-8051 to schedule an appointment.

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