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3 Reasons to Make a Fresh Seafood Market Your Top Choice January 12, 2018

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3 Reasons to Make a Fresh Seafood Market Your Top Choice, Thomasville, North Carolina

While you can quickly head to your local supermarket to stock up on groceries, it is usually in your best interest to skip the fish and other seafood in their meat section. Although they might not mean to put out an inferior or spoiling product, a good level of quality control is not always in place. The good news is that you can avoid these and the issues listed below by visiting a fresh seafood market instead.

3 Reasons Not to Purchase Seafood at a Supermarket

1. It Could Be Old

When seafood is properly frozen and defrosted, it can look indistinguishable from the fresh variety. However, as soon as it is fully defrosted, the item in question will begin to spoil. Although it should have a sell by date on the top of the packaging, you will still have no idea how long it has been defrosted, which means you’ll also have no way of telling if it has turned until you open it. It also doesn’t help that mislabeling seafood is a major problem at supermarkets in the United States.

2. There’s No One to Give You More Information

fresh seafood marketWhen you purchase seafood at a supermarket, you won’t know anything about the food you consume. At a fresh seafood market, however, you have a person who knows when the fish was caught, when it arrived at the market, and whether there are better alternatives. They will probably also know the best ways of preparing it when you get home.

3. There’s No Temperature Control

Fish is a very fickle food, and it must be kept at just the right temperature before cooking. At a local fish market, you have people ensuring the meat is kept on ice until it is sold. However, at a supermarket, fluctuations in electricity, station outages, and accidental flipped switches can all alter the temperature of the fish. This can speed up the spoilage rate, and many times, it won’t be noticed by workers, so the fish in question aren’t thrown away.  


When you want to avoid purchasing old or frost-bitten seafood, visit Todd’s Seafood Mkt in Thomasville, NC. For over 50 years, this fresh seafood market has provided high-quality fish, shrimp, and shellfish to the surrounding area. Stop by today, or call the retail store at (336) 476-1158 or the Wholesale Department at (336­) 476­-5133 to learn more about their selection. You can also visit the website and Facebook page to gain valuable fish facts and preparation tips.  

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