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Getting stuck on the side of the road because your car has had a mechanical breakdown is stressful for anyone. Worrying about whether or not the tow truck you've just called will arrive onsite on time, or whether the technician is skilled enough to ensure no further damage comes to your vehicle can needlessly add to this stress. When you call Craig's Towing to help you, you're calling a company with extensive experience serving Baraboo, WI. Our skilled technicians will help you get back on the road in no time and give you peace of mind in the meantime.

4 Things You Should Know About Your Chosen Tow Company January 10, 2018

Baraboo, Sauk
4 Things You Should Know About Your Chosen Tow Company, Baraboo, Wisconsin

Whether your car runs out of gas in the middle of the night on dark road, you are involved in a minor collision with another driver, or you require towing service for another reason, a reputable tow company is essential. The right company features several key qualities that set it above the competition, so you come out of an unfortunate situation feeling a little better. Learn what you need to know about the tow company you hire so that you never wait on the side of the road for long.

Fast Response Time

The best towing services offer the fast, 24/7 response you need after an accident or breakdown. Local companies that can get to you in 30 minutes or less are frequently the ideal and are better than national towing depots, which could take several hours to arrive at your location.

Reasonable Rates

tow companyWhile an incredibly low towing rate is attractive, it may not include several other costly fees. It may also mean a long wait time. Most towing companies charge by the mile, so find one with a reasonable, upfront rate that does not include long wait times, hidden fees, or sky-high prices in the event of an emergency.

Experience, Licensing, & Insurance

Working with an experienced company is almost always best, as it indicates trustworthiness and years of quality service. Proper licensing tells you the company has everything required by the state or county to serve its customers, while insurance protects you from paying for vehicle damages or injuries sustained by towing service employees.

Roadside Assistance Services

Roadside assistance is a wonderful service not every tow company offers. A seasoned company featuring a roster of experienced automotive technicians saves you serious time, as your vehicle may merely need a jump-start or other small repair that lets you drive off and continue with your day.


Craig’s Towing & Repair provides the professional towing and roadside assistance service drivers throughout La Crosse, Baraboo, Lake Delton, and Wisconsin Dells, WI, need. The tow company features convenient locations in La Crosse and Baraboo to assist drivers as quickly as possible. Semi- and heavy-duty truck towing services are also available. Call (608) 784-1638 for the dependable service you need, or visit the website for more information. Like the company on Facebook for the latest helpful tips.

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