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Local Rental Property Company Explains Qualifications for Renting January 11, 2018

Hinesville, Liberty
Local Rental Property Company Explains Qualifications for Renting, Hinesville, Georgia

Renting a home should always be a simple and convenient process for tenants. That’s why the experts at David McDonald Rentals are happy to help applicants find their ideal living space. Based in Hinesville, GA, this family-owned rental property company is often asked what applicants need to do before renting a house. Here, they’ve put together a quick guide to answer your questions and help you better understand the process.

How to Know If You’re Qualified to Rent

1. Application Fee

rental propertyWhen filling out an application, candidates will need to provide an application fee. For married couples, this $25 fee covers both individuals. However, if multiple single adults plan to rent the home, each will need to pay the fee.

2. Proof of Income

You’ll also need to provide proof of income, as this assures the rental property you can reliably pay rent on time each month. The most commonly used document is a copy of a recent pay stub, which provides information about your employer and income.

3. Credit Check

Next, the company will complete a credit check. While landlords generally don’t look for a perfect credit score, they will try to determine if your history is a good match for their preferences. Small mistakes are unlikely to affect your application, while other factors—such as criminal convictions—may have a larger effect.

4. Reference Release

Finally, these experts will ask you to fill out a reference release on your application. When it comes to choosing references, you should pick individuals who know you well, but aren’t close family or friends. Ideally, try to list a previous landlord who can speak to your ability to pay rent on time.

If you’re searching for the perfect rental home, look no further than the properties at David McDonald Rentals. With more than 160 locations available for homes and businesses, these rental property experts will help you find the ideal location for your taste and budget. To begin your search, give them a call today at (912) 368-9218. You can also find more information about available properties online.

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