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How to Choose the Right Interlocking Pavers for Your Property January 13, 2018

Carthage, Springfield
How to Choose the Right Interlocking Pavers for Your Property, Springfield, Ohio

Interlocking pavers are an elegant way to upgrade your property’s landscaping without taking on a major construction project. Because they lock into one another like the pieces of a puzzle, they don’t require mortar or an extended period to settle. There are three main kinds of pavers, and the best option for you depends on a variety of factors. If you’re not sure where to start, the landscaping team at Hicon Inc in Cincinnati, OH, explain all the choices below. 

Picking Interlocking Pavers for Your Next Landscaping Project

1. Aesthetic Appeal

Interlocking pavers made from natural stone like limestone, granite, and fieldstone cost more than those made from brick or concrete. However, many stylish homeowners prefer their classic aesthetic. Because natural stone pavers are visually appealing but not the most durable option, they are the perfect choice for winding garden paths, luxurious patios, and other low-traffic areas.

2. Overall Strength

interlocking paversFor high-traffic areas that must withstand a lot of weight, like driveways, brick pavers are one of the most durable options. This practical choice is typically rectangular and placed end to end along the length of the area to be paved. When you want interlocking pavers that will last, choose brick.

3. Design Flexibility

If your landscaping vision includes intricate or colorful designs, consider concrete interlocking pavers. The molding process for making concrete pavers is flexible, which means they are available in all kinds of sizes, shapes, and shades. If you are on a fairly tight budget, concrete will also prove to be the most affordable option.

If you want to upgrade your property with natural stone, brick, or concrete interlocking pavers, turn to Hicon Inc. Based in Cincinnati, they are proud to provide quality masonry and paving work for homeowners throughout Ohio and Northern Kentucky. Check out their website to see some of their beautiful work. Schedule paver installation by calling (513) 242-3612. 

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