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4 Must-Know Points About Oral Surgery Recovery January 11, 2018

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4 Must-Know Points About Oral Surgery Recovery, Haslet, Texas

Oral surgery comes in many varieties, from tooth extraction to dental implants. Regardless of why you undergo one of these procedures, it’s important to understand everything involved in the recovery process. The oral surgeons at Alliance Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery in Keller, TX, are experts at guiding patients through the consultation, procedure, and recovery process. According to them, a proper recovery is essential to successful surgical results. Consider the following four facts about oral surgery recovery when preparing for a procedure.

4 Tips to Aid Oral Surgery Recovery

Go Easy on Surgery Day

oral surgeryOral surgery is just as serious as any other invasive treatment, so it’s important for patients to take it easy on the day of their procedure. Too much physical activity can cause extraneous bleeding and hinder the healing process. Also, when lying down after surgery, keep the head propped up in case bleeding continues.

Apply Ice Packs

Because oral surgery is a serious medical treatment, it’s important to ice the affected area during the first 24 hours after surgery. Oral surgeons recommend applying ice packs to your face for 15 minutes and removing them for another 15 minutes to reduce swelling and aid the recovery process.

Take Prescribed Medication

If your oral surgeon prescribed medication—whether pain relievers or antibiotics—follow their instructions carefully. Even if pain resides or the infection clears, it’s crucial to finish the medication. Infection can still exist without displaying symptoms, and pain is better to stay ahead of.

Carefully Consider Foods

After oral surgery, your mouth may contain pockets or stitches where an infection can grow. With this in mind, be careful in choosing the foods you eat for at least two to four weeks after surgery, or until the oral surgeon confirms healing. Avoid overly spicy, hard, or chewy foods that could negatively impact your recovery.

To learn more about oral surgery and the following recovery period, contact the professionals at Alliance Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery. You can reach a friendly professional by calling (817) 741-2200. Additional services and information are available on the practice’s website.

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