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3 Benefits of Propane-Fueled Over Wood-Burning Fireplaces in Power Outages January 9, 2018

Moodus, Middlesex
3 Benefits of Propane-Fueled Over Wood-Burning Fireplaces in Power Outages, Moodus, Connecticut

Many people rely on HVAC equipment to keep their interiors warm. Although homeowners often use their fireplaces for ambiance, the fixtures also provide a reliable source of heat when the power goes out. According to the team at Dutch Oil Co., a heating oil delivery company in Moodus, CT, there are several advantages to choosing propane-fueled fireplaces over wood-burning alternatives. 

Below, the heating oil delivery specialists discuss the differences between these two heating options:

  • Maintenance: Wood-burning fireplaces produce a lot of soot and ash. To prevent the debris from spreading, the installation must be cleaned after each use. Propane-powered fireplaces, on the other hand, are much easier to maintain. Many inserts and log sets give the appearance of burning wood without the cleanup hassle. To keep propane fireplaces in top condition, schedule professional inspections once a year. 
  • heating oil deliverySafety: When using wood-burning fireplaces, creosote builds up in the chimney, and this gunk can ignite without regular chimney cleaning. Propane doesn’t produce this flammable byproduct, which lowers the risk of fireplace-related safety hazards.   
  • Peace of Mind: Power outages often happen unexpectedly. Unless wood was chopped beforehand, the household could be left in the cold while waiting for more supplies. Propane-fueled fireplaces are powered by a switch, which means you can take comfort in knowing heat is available right when you need it.

For cost-effective, energy-efficient heating services and heating oil delivery in Middlesex County, look to Dutch Oil Co. for assistance. From backup generator installation to propane delivery, the company offers a wide array of high-quality products and convenient services to improve home comfort. To schedule a heating oil delivery, call (860) 873-3876 today. Visit the company online to learn more about the different varieties and sizes of propane-fueled products available, and like them on Facebook for announcements.

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