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5 Color Psychology Painting Hacks January 5, 2018

Anchorage, Anchorage County
5 Color Psychology Painting Hacks, Anchorage, Alaska

Some people assume that colors are inconsequential, with little impact on people other than aesthetic preferences. That’s simply not true. Colors have a profound effect on people and, when it comes to interior painting, can be used to your advantage. Learning basic color psychology can help you make smarter decisions about how to paint a room, letting you gain the most out of all of your activities, whether you’re resting, studying, or entertaining. A few examples of how you might use color psychology in your own home are below.

5 Hacks for Painting With Color Psychology

1. Yellow for Happiness & Light

paintingThere’s a reason kitchens often feature this color. Yellow reflects light, helping brighten a room—important for places like kitchens, where adequate lighting is crucial. Yellows and eggshells also emotionally brighten rooms, making people feel lighter and more energetic.

2. Paint Your Bedroom Blue or Sea Green

Colors like this tend to promote calm and tranquility. Don’t choose overly bold colors for bedrooms, but those with lower saturation (e.g., pastels), as these are less aggressive. Greens are a good choice for the bedroom, because not only do they evoke a friendly feeling but are good colors to wake up to and welcome the morning with.

3. Choose Lavender for Your Living Room

Rooms where people go to relax tend to do well with colors like lavender. This color can even make you sleepy, so it may also be a good choice for a bedroom or nursery—it depends on your needs. Avoid painting this color in rooms where you need to be productive.

4. Teal for Your Home Office

Work from home, or just need a space conducive to focusing? Teal tends to be a highly stimulating color, which will help you be more productive and efficient with your time.

5. Entertain With Bright Green

If there’s a room where you often entertain family or friends, paint it a bright green. This color tends to stimulate feelings of camaraderie and positivity—great for sparking meaningful or spirited conversations.


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