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Apple Pay–Nearly Everywhere You Look January 12, 2018

Northwest Harris, Harris
Apple Pay–Nearly Everywhere You Look, Northwest Harris, Texas


Our lives are exponentially digital. And now, Apple Pay has finally made its presence known large scale across the suburbs, like that of our community. From grocery shopping, paying the tab at the bar or taking care of your kids’ school expenses, the ever-growing need for convenience and security can be resolved through Apple Pay.


While Apple Pay was released to the public a few years ago, it’s just now being recognized more frequently in communities such as ours. At Experimac Klein, we believe in keeping you ahead of the curve and up to date on how to streamline your busy work so you can focus more on what matters. At Experimac, we offer peace of mind, convenience and quality service to our community for all things Apple. We not only send you home with the devices you need but also serve as your top-of-the-line repair shop, all backed by a 1 year warranty. If you’re looking to buy a certified, pre-owned device or needing a device serviced, we’re here for you.


Here are a few topical points to help understand the ins and outs of Apple Pay and how it can improve your shopping experiences.


What is Apple Pay?

Simply put, Apple Pay is an easy purchase method for making transactions in-store, through apps or online. Secure and more convenient, Apple Pay works in two ways.


  1. No more swiping credit cards. Apple Pay allows you to verify identification through fingerprint sensor using your iPhone to make in-store purchases.

  2. One-touch purchasing through apps on your iPhone. Apple Pay runs through many apps (games, music downloads, retail shops, etc.) allowing you to pay with your fingerprint alone.


With Apple Pay, your purchase becomes faster and safer. No more entering in your card information over and over again. Not to mention, the increased security by having your debit and credit cards concealed, out of sight and impenetrable. Some apps can even pull shipping information from using your one-touch, Apple Pay method, saving you time and brain power.


Is Apple Pay compatible with all devices?

Not unless they’re Apple. While Android and other smartphone providers have somewhat similar applications, Apple Pay is exclusive to your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and Mac computers. On some devices, you’ll need to have the latest operating system installed and will need to be logged into iCloud, but it’s all feasible with any Apple device. Just come by our store or give us a call to get your Apple Pay set up on your devices.


Will my credit cards work through Apple Pay?

You should have no trouble linking your credit cards through Apple Pay as Apple has partnered with hundreds of banks for credit and debit card support and usage. Asking your bank representative or simply searching in Google can let you know specific information. The point is that Apple Pay is not local, not national, but universal in nature to support you wherever you are and regardless of where you handle your finances.


How private and secure is Apple Pay?

Your card numbers are never stored on your device, and therefore, never on Apple servers or in transactions with businesses. Rather, each purchase you make is assigned a device-specific number and unique transaction code. This way, your private information is never shared with vendors and merchants, eliminating nearly all of the risk compared to traditional methods of swiping physical bank cards. The horror stories of cards being swiped under the counter, stolen or taken from store video footage are gone completely with a totally cyber-secure solution. The only time any of your information is stored by Apple is when using Apple Pay Cash, strictly for troubleshooting, preventing fraud, etc.


Where can I use Apple Pay?

Did we mention...Experimac Klein not only accepts, but encourages Apple Pay to our customers. You can also browse this link to see major stores and brands that have adopted Apple Pay as a major method of transactions, or just be on the lookout for these symbols in your local, frequented stores:



Is it really more convenient than just swiping a physical bank card?

There was a time when Steve Jobs was mocked on the notion that the masses would ever want a smartphone when functions like alarm clocks, radios, calculators and so much more already existed. But look where we are now. We recently have also all gotten used to almost exclusively using our card chips versus actual swiping. Apple Pay simply takes it one step further in efficiency. Paying by mobile has been reported increasingly as the preferred method of payment by consumers. Most likely, your iPhone is already in-hand in the checkout line. Use that and never dig through your wallet or purse again for that tricky card that always seems to be hiding. But heed warning: now that ecommerce is so much easier, beware of impulsive shopping now more than ever!


Get Started Now

Save time and secure your banking information by using Apple Pay.

Learn how to set up Apple Pay on your device here.


For more information on how to use Apple Pay, check out Apple’s YouTube tutorial videos

or learn more at Apple’s Apple Pay URL.




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