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5 Tips to Help You Prevent Diabetic Foot Ulcers January 11, 2018

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5 Tips to Help You Prevent Diabetic Foot Ulcers, Manhattan, New York

People with diabetes must take precautions to avoid potential side effects of the disease. Your extremities are particularly susceptible because of reduced blood flow, which makes diabetic foot ulcers a concern. In addition to monitoring blood sugar levels, taking proper care of your feet and treating wounds right away are crucial to preventing infection. Fortunately, there are many preventative measures you can take to avoid ulcers.

Prevent 5 Diabetic Foot Ulcers With These 5 Tips

1. Use Moisturizer

Keeping your feet hydrated is one method of preventing ulcers from occurring. Moisturize your feet on a daily basis to prevent cracks and dryness that could cause ulcers to develop. Look for a moisturizer that’s not too greasy and can absorb easily into the skin.

2. Check Your Feet Daily

Examine your feet every day, looking for any signs of irritation, such as cuts, blisters, and cracks. If any are found, take the proper steps to remedy the issue, whether it’s applying antibacterial ointment or moisturizing. If a wound becomes infected or causes a great deal of pain, see a doctor right away.

3. Wear Shoes With the Right Fit

diabetic foot ulcerThe shoes you wear can also impact the development of ulcers. Shoes that fit well will be snug but not too tight. Tight shoes can cause chafing, which, in turn, can lead to ulcers. Shoes should also have proper padding, which will protect your feet when walking.

4. Don’t Walk Barefoot

Additionally, refrain from walking barefoot, as this can lead to cuts and blisters. A seemingly minor injury can cause many complications for those with diabetes. It’s also important that you wear socks with shoes at all times.

5. Wash Your Feet Thoroughly

Wash your feet thoroughly with soap and warm water at least once a day to eliminate bacteria that could get into wounds. Make sure your feet are completely dry before donning socks and shoes because germs and bacteria thrive in moist, enclosed environments.


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