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Shoe Care Products & Techniques to Take Wrinkles Out of Leather January 12, 2018

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Shoe Care Products & Techniques to Take Wrinkles Out of Leather, Brighton, New York

Leather shoes are an attractive, classy choice — but if you aren’t careful, they can accumulate marks and creases in a way other materials don’t. These wrinkles can detract from the appearance of your shoes, so you want to do everything you can to minimize them. With the following shoe care products and maintenance techniques, you can keep your leather shoes in shape for much longer.

Tips for Getting Wrinkles Out of Leather Shoes

1. Use a Shoe Tree

Shoe Care ProductsWhen you’re not wearing your leather shoes, they shouldn’t sit on the floor. Instead, place them on a shoe tree, which is designed to preserve the leather’s texture and shape. As a bonus, shoe trees made of cedar also combat foot odors to keep your favorite pair fresh.

2. Massage Out Creases

If you’re beginning to see minor marks in the leather, you may not need any shoe care products to fix the problem. Carefully massage the leather to relax it and work the crease out.

3. Iron Your Shoes

A warm iron paired with a damp cloth can work wonders for getting wrinkles out of shoes. However, do not use high heat because this can damage the material. Place the cloth between the leather and the iron and carefully warm the shoe until you can reshape it. Then, place the shoe on a cedar tree and leave it for a week.

4. Oil Your Shoes

Strong oils are a bad idea, but mild ones made for shoe care are an asset in keeping the leather smooth. Massage the oil in deeply, and once again place the footwear on a shoe tree to dry.

5. Use a Shoe Repair Shop

If you see severe creases or want a professional touch, take your shoes to a local repair shop. In addition to the above techniques, specialists can also unstitch the shoe to treat each piece individually and put it back together like new.


Sofia Shoe Repair Service in Rochester, NY, has spent over 70 years helping residents repair and maintain their shoes. Their restoration and resoling services, as well as their top-quality shoe care products, are exactly what you need to keep this essential component of your wardrobe in pristine condition. For questions, call the staff today at (585) 244-5907 or reach out online.

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