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5 Vegetables You Can Grow Indoors This Winter December 14, 2017

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5 Vegetables You Can Grow Indoors This Winter, Quaker City, Ohio

Now that winter has arrived, most outdoor gardens will remain dormant. The good news is, you can still flex your green thumb by planting and tending to vegetables arranged within a greenhouse environment. If you’re itching to grow some edibles before spring hits, here are a few options that thrive indoors during winter. 

What to Grow During the Cold Season

1. Tomatoes

If your home gets excellent sunlight during winter, tomatoes will happily grow indoors. Once you’ve sowed your seedlings, transplant them into large pots when you see at least four leaves sprouting. 

2. Radishes

VegetablesRadishes are frequently grown indoors in the winter because they’ll yield ready-to-eat tubers in as little as 25 days. When you get on the right schedule, you’ll have radishes for salads, roasts, and garnishes all season long. Plant your radishes in trays that are five inches deep and cover the soil with paper until you see sprouts. 

3. Swiss Chard

Rainbow Swiss chard is celebrated for its colorful stalks. As a result, this plant is both eye-catching and delicious when grown inside. Your indoor specimen will require at least four hours of full sunlight each day. Keep in mind, they won’t become as large as outdoor plants, but they’re still edible and perfect for a winter soup. 

4. Potatoes

Instead of traditional pots, use large plastic bags to grow potatoes inside. Pack each bag with quality planting mix. Provide at least five hours of sunlight each day for best results. 

5. Carrots

Carrots do extremely well when grown indoors. To ensure this vegetable flourishes, plant the seeds in deep pots using a loose soil. Leave plenty of room between each, and, when possible, give them four to five hours of full sunlight per day. 



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