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3 Reasons Time Is Important for Excellent Dry Cleaning Results December 15, 2017

3 Reasons Time Is Important for Excellent Dry Cleaning Results, Powell, Ohio

Many people use the washer and dryer in their own home to do laundry. However, with delicate or expensive clothing items, visiting a dry cleaning facility is the best option. The attention to detail associated with this process is reflected in its somewhat longer duration time. Below are a few reasons you should wait for a high-quality, safe, and exceptional clean.

Why Dry Cleaning Takes Time

1. Preparation

dry cleaningAt home, you may take the time to separate your whites and colored clothes. At the dry cleaners, however, the preparation process is more extensive. Each article must be appropriately tagged with your unique identification number. Soiled garments and non-soiled must be tagged separately. Likewise, each piece must be thoroughly inspected before it can be cleaned. Professionals look for stains, spots, rips, missing buttons, and items left in pockets.

2. Soaking

Dry cleaning is named as such because the process does not require any water. In fact, they use a special chemical solvent to soak your clothes in. Clothing must be left in the liquid for a period so it can loosen any dirt. Stained pieces may take longer.

3. Drying

Your garments are never thrown into a spin-cycle dryer. Instead, each piece is steamed and pressed. If any repairs are needed, such as an additional button or stitched hemline, this also takes more time. The extra attention ensures your clothing items are returned in like-new condition. You are unable to get the same kind of results from at-home washing. 


Take your clothes to a dry cleaning facility for the best results. Those in North Columbus, OH, trust Powell Cleaners. Their professionals offer alterations, leather cleaning, and even comforter cleaning at an affordable rate. With exceptional attention to detail, they guarantee your items are well cared for during each visit. For more information, visit their website. Or, call (614) 792-1118 for the Powell Road location, (614) 785-1118 for Liberty Street, or (614) 766-0624 for Dublin, OH.

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