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NE Child Custody Attorneys Discuss Laws You Should Know December 13, 2017

York, York
NE Child Custody Attorneys Discuss Laws You Should Know, York, Nebraska

If you’re getting a divorce or are involved in a child custody case, understanding Nebraska’s laws is essential to moving forward. The state has several strict standards which are used to determine arrangements—and if your arguments don’t acknowledge and address those guidelines, you may find yourself in a situation you don’t want. To help you avoid this issue, the child custody attorneys at Fillman Law Offices, LLC, in York share a few of the procedural basics to get you started.

NE Custody Laws & Standards to Know

1. The Child’s Best Interests

The foundation of a Nebraska custody case is the court’s understanding of what is best for the child. There are several factors at play here, including the kid’s relationship with each parent, any history or allegations of abuse or parental alienation, and the ability of the mother and father to provide a stable, safe, healthy environment. If the child is old enough, their wishes will also be taken into account, but the court’s primary concern is still their well-being.

2. Parenting Plans

child custody attorneysAs you and your ex pursue a permanent custody arrangement, you’ll be required to come up with a parenting plan. The agreement covers custody, visitations, and the needs of the kid, like education and health care. Once you’ve written it up, the court may choose to accept those terms or else reject or modify your proposal.

3. Joint Custody

If the parents agree to joint custody, each will have an equal say in decisions affecting their loved one’s life. This is useful in cases of amicable divorce, or when the court determines this arrangement is in the best interests of the kid. Your child custody attorney can help you decide whether the terms are worth pursuing in your case.

In short, Nebraska courts are primarily concerned with your young one’s well-being, and they have several strategies in place to safeguard it. Work with your lawyer to ensure your case takes these rules into account and move toward a workable, beneficial custody arrangement.

If you need legal help regarding family law in York, NE, turn to the skilled team at the Fillman Law Offices, LLC. For almost 60 years, these experienced legal professionals have provided excellent advice and a high rate of success to their clients. Whether you need a divorce lawyer, child custody attorney, or probate advice, this full-service office offers the guidance, counsel, and dedicated representation you need. Contact them today at (402) 362-3618 or online to learn more and set up a consultation.

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