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Roslyn Art Gallery Recommends 3 Unique Uses for Glass Vases December 13, 2017

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Roslyn Art Gallery Recommends 3 Unique Uses for Glass Vases, Roslyn, Washington

Almost every home has a cabinet full of unused glass vases. Instead of letting them collect dust, Fused, a popular art gallery in Roslyn, WA, recommends transforming them into useful and decorative items. Below they share their creative inspiration for breathing new life into old glass vases.

An Art Gallery’s Top Uses for Glass Vases

1. Votive Candle Holder

Art GalleryLarge votive candles provide drama and romance to indoor and outdoor spaces, but their instability poses a hazard. By placing the candle inside a glass vase, you are preventing passersby from tipping it over. If you enjoy candlelight in outdoor seating areas, a protective vessel shields the flame from the wind and allows it to burn longer.

2. Utensil Storage

Those who love to cook know the frustration of rooting around in a cluttered drawer to find the proper utensil. Instead of potentially ruining a culinary creation while you sift through piles of kitchen tools, place a glass vase on the counter. Put the most used items there for easy access during meal prep. Mix and match with different designs to keep all your utensils close by.

3. Terrarium

Plant lovers delight in cute and cozy terrariums. To make your own, choose a transparent vase and fill it with a layer of gravel. Add a little soil, appropriate for the plants you’d like to feature. Moss and succulents do well in terrariums and require little water. Using this vase allows you to experiment and make changes as needed.

If you have a collection of unused vases, dig them out and repurpose them using one of the above ideas. For more inspiration, schedule a class at Fused art gallery in Roslyn, WA. Their handmade glass gallery and gift shop is also home to excellent instruction on a variety of techniques. To learn more, visit them online or call (253) 653-4768.

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