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3 Signs It's Time for Tree Removal December 7, 2017

Wiota, Lafayette
3 Signs It's Time for Tree Removal, Wiota, Wisconsin

It’s not always clear when a tree on your property is dying and needs to be removed. Often homeowners don’t realize there’s a dead tree until it’s too late and their property is damaged. This is why the experts at Stietz Tree Service in Darlington, WI, have provided a list of warning signs. Learn how you can spot the trees that need to go now so you can contact your local tree removal service before it’s too late. 

Signs Tree Removal is Needed 

1. Bare Branches

While bare branches are normal during colder months, it’s considered a bad sign if they’re still empty in spring. This often means the tree has died, and you’ll need to contact tree service professionals to have it removed. However, if only some of the branches are dying, they can be pruned to keep the rest of the tree alive.

tree removal2. Bark Damage

As trees get older, their bark will naturally shed. When a tree is healthy, it will grow back, but when a tree is dying or dead, it will remain bare. By looking for bare spots on the trunks, you’ll be able to see if there’s excessive damage that requires tree removal. 

3. Fungus Growth

When decay occurs to a tree, it often spreads from the inside outwards. This can sometimes attract the growth of mold and fungus. Large fungus will grow on the trunk or branches, indicating that the area has rotted. Another indication that you’ll need tree removal is when mushrooms grow at the tree’s base near the roots.

If are unsure whether or not you need tree removal, call a professional tree service company. The team of licensed professionals at Stietz Tree Service have been a trusted member of the Darlington community for over 20 years. For more information on their tree removal and trimming services, head to their website or give them a call at (608) 776-3678.

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