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Holiday Stress, Muscle Pain and Trigger Points November 30, 2017

Lincoln, Lancaster
Holiday Stress, Muscle Pain and Trigger Points, Lincoln, Nebraska

Holiday Stress, Muscle Pain and Trigger Points

Both emotional and physical stress are factors leading to the development of muscle tension and trigger point formation. While the Holidays are filled with fun and anticipation the stressors of the holidays are a cause of muscle pain and trigger point formation.

What are those stressors and what can you do about them?

·        The Holiday season typically causes changes in our normal routines. Like, Holiday decorating, which is great fun but takes its toll on the body with reaching, lifting and climbing that you normally don’t do. Try to minimize the wear and tear on your muscles by getting others to help you or consider going smaller with your décor. If you want to go big with the decorating, consider hiring for the difficult tasks. Schedule muscle work after you are done so that you are enjoying the season without pain.

·        Shopping and money go hand in hand as stressors. If you are a shopper, shopping can be fun but the hustle and bustle in the stores can be tiring and anxiety producing. Try online shopping for a quieter experience. Either way, the dollars add up quickly. Just thinking about paying the bills later can tighten your muscles. During the season, plan quiet time for yourself even if it is a few minutes and schedule some muscle release for maximum comfort.

·        Holidays are celebrated with parties! More parties and family get togethers mean that eating foods you usually avoid, and drinking more alcohol than you normally would may leave you with an increase in muscle and joint pain. Some of the foods known to cause pain and can play a significant role in Holiday foods are sugar, alcohol, wheat/gluten and dairy. Minimize the effect of the inflammation by planning what you will eat.  Eat before you go to a party, so you are not so hungry. Consider the fresh fruit and vegetables trays for most of your party snacking. Drink plenty of water to keep your muscles happy.

·        Shopping, parties, decorating, eating, drinking and you still must work! Getting much sleep? Lack of sleep is a huge stressor on your body and brain. Lack of sleep is associated with myofascial pain and trigger point formation. Maximize quality of your sleep by turning off the TV and computer 2-3 hours before bed. Try blue blocking glasses to decrease the effect the electronics have on your eyes and sleep pattern. Maximize your sleep with an Epsom salt bath. Epsom salts are really magnesium and sulfates which are easily absorbed into the skin providing health benefits of decreased inflammation, improved muscle function, soothing and relaxation of sore muscles which lead to better sleep.

During the Holiday season plan to get trigger point release therapy. Staying healthy is the best way to enjoy your Holiday fun. Get relief at Trigger Point Myotherapy. Call Christine Beckman, BSN, CMTPT for an appointment today at 402-228-8955. Visit for more information or to schedule online.

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