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NYC Sports Program Shares 3 Concussion Prevention Tips December 15, 2017

Greenwich, Fairfield County
NYC Sports Program Shares 3 Concussion Prevention Tips, Greenwich, Connecticut

If your child plays sports like football or baseball, you already know the importance of them wearing a helmet. Unfortunately, while the gear adds a layer of protection, it can’t prevent a concussion. Corbin’s Crusaders After School and Summer Day Camp, a sports program in NYC, believes parents and coaches must work together to protect young athletes from this devastating injury. In addition to appropriate safety equipment, the following guidelines are aimed to prevent such harm.

How Coaches & Parents Prevent Concussions

1. Teach Proper Techniques in Sports Programs

Coaches of any sports for kids can prevent concussions by teaching their young athletes proper techniques. Not only should clean and legal moves be enforced, but they should also be praised. Similarly, dangerous, illegal moves should be discouraged and have consequences. When kids learn the correct way to play sports like football, it becomes much safer for everyone involved.

2. Encourage Athletes to Speak Up

sports programsEven with young kids, many encourage athletes to “play through the pain” or “tough it out.” Because they don’t want to disappoint their coach, teammates, or parents, players often stay silent and suffer the consequences. Teach athletes from a young age the symptoms of a concussion, like confusion and forgetfulness, and encourage them to speak up when they think something is wrong.

3. Reinforce Safety at Home

Whether parents are heavily involved in their children’s sports programs, or they prefer to be spectators, they can do a lot to prevent injury. Be mindful of what you say to your young athletes and how you say it. Phrases like “hit them harder next time” or “hit them where it hurts” encourages them to try dangerous—and illegal—maneuvers. Instead, reinforce the safe and legal moves at all times. Additionally, parents should educate themselves on concussion symptoms, so they can closely monitor their athletes for any signs of trouble.

While these tips won’t prevent all concussions, they can significantly reduce the number of injuries in youth sports programs. At Corbin’s Crusaders After School and Summer Day Camp, their coaches and instructors are committed to providing activities for kids that are both safe and fun. Learn more about what they offer by visiting their website, or call (212) 875-8174 for enrollment information.

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