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Getting stuck on the side of the road because your car has had a mechanical breakdown is stressful for anyone. Worrying about whether or not the tow truck you've just called will arrive onsite on time, or whether the technician is skilled enough to ensure no further damage comes to your vehicle can needlessly add to this stress. When you call Craig's Towing to help you, you're calling a company with extensive experience serving Baraboo, WI. Our skilled technicians will help you get back on the road in no time and give you peace of mind in the meantime.

3 Factors That Separate Good & Bad Tow Truck Companies December 14, 2017

Baraboo, Sauk
3 Factors That Separate Good & Bad Tow Truck Companies, Baraboo, Wisconsin

When your vehicle breaks down or otherwise becomes undriveable, a tow truck company is the savior you need. While most towing services are called when people are in pressing situations, it pays to research options in the area before an accident or breakdown occurs. Having the right tow truck company number in your phone saves you from hassles you don’t want to handle when you’re stranded. Learn about the factors that set tow truck companies apart from one another to make the best decision for your driving needs.


Towing is generally an emergency service, meaning you pay for the convenience of getting your vehicle hauled off. However, some towing companies increase the service price significantly, making it important to call several companies and compare their estimates or price lists. There is no reason to pay a huge sum for towing services.


tow truckAnother factor that separates tow truck companies is the equipment they use. The best towing services use the latest, most up-to-date equipment that will not damage your vehicle. Employees are trained to use and maintain this equipment correctly so that it always performs at the highest level. Quality companies also have equipment for short- and long-distance tows alike.

Roadside Service

Finally, the best tow truck companies offer more than just efficient, timely towing services: They also provide roadside assistance. Such companies feature teams of experienced, talented automotive technicians who use advanced diagnostic equipment to determine the cause of your vehicle issue easily and provide the right repairs. You need to get behind the wheel again quickly, and the best towing companies make sure you are not waiting for hours on end.


Craig’s Towing & Repair is here to resolve your vehicular crisis. The premier family-owned company features locations in Baraboo and La Crosse, WI, with the latter location offering both towing and automotive repair services. Rely on the tow truck service that has provided the relief area drivers need for over 30 years by calling (608) 784-1638 or visiting the website to learn more. Like the company on Facebook for the latest reviews and tips.

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