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4 FAQs About Choosing a Casket December 4, 2017

Harrison, Harrison
4 FAQs About Choosing a Casket, Harrison, Ohio

If you’re creating end-of-life plans for yourself or carrying out those of a loved one, you should know about burial options. That includes researching the many kinds of caskets available. If you’ve never planned a funeral before, you may not know where to start with choosing one, so Minges Funeral Home of Harrison, OH, answers the following common questions on the process. 

4 FAQs About the Casket-Buying Process

1. What Material Should I Choose?

casket-harrison-ohCaskets are available in many different materials. While appearance is important, so is price and durability. You may want to choose a hardwood variety that can be carved with an inscription, or a wood laminate variety for the lower price tag. For a highly customizable option, consider a cloth covered casket that will allow you to modify the colors and textures in the design. Those in extreme climates prone to high humidity may want to select a metal casket.

2. Which Caskets Are Eco-friendly?

Today, many individuals include environmentalism in their end-of-life plans. Instead of picking a casket based on its aesthetic qualities, you can take pride in choosing one that is eco-friendly. Look for options that are made from renewable sources like wicker, bamboo, or recycled materials.

3. Can I Rent a Casket?

Many families want to cremate their loved ones after hosting a traditional funeral service. If this speaks to you, consider renting a casket for the duration of the service instead of purchasing one. Many funeral homes provide this cost-conscious option.

4. How Can I Personalize the Casket?

Some families want to personalize their loved one’s casket based on their taste and lifestyle. That may mean using unique fabrics on the exterior, adding a mural to the inside cover, or creating a plaque with a beloved quote or bible verse. You can have designs carved, etched, sewn, or wood-burned into virtually every casket material to individualize your loved one’s final resting place.

To talk further about burial services and caskets, call Minges Funeral Home at (513) 367-4544. Visit the website for information about their burial, graveside, cremation, and memorial services. The company offers veterans and SSI benefits, as well as assistance for funeral pre-planning, so you can create the memorable celebration of life your loved one deserves.

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