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How Group Health Insurance Became So Important November 28, 2017

Beatrice, Gage
How Group Health Insurance Became So Important, Beatrice, Nebraska

In previous eras, before the advent of health insurance, if you could not afford the cost of medical treatment, you were simply out of luck. Today, however, fundamental health care is within reach for anybody with a basic plan, and between 50% and 60% of Americans are covered by employer-provided group health coverage. To help you understand how this enormous cultural shift took place, Renee Bartlett Insurance, the premier seller of health coverage in Beatrice, NE, discusses the history of health insurance in this country and how employer-sponsored coverage became so important.

The Truth About Early Health Care

Health care in the 19th Century had advanced little since the Middle Ages, and treatments prescribed were often in the form of elixirs that offered little in the way of curative properties. But in the early 1900s, clean hospitals, trained medical doctors, and scientific breakthroughs in pharmaceuticals made distinct improvements in the industry but caused healthcare costs to rise.

The Baylor Method

Health insuranceTo encourage patients to seek non-emergency medical care, Baylor University hospital developed a method by which teachers in the Dallas school system could pay 50 cents per month for guaranteed hospital care. This gave patients health care access and provided the hospital a steady income stream. The Baylor method, at first localized to North Texas, would soon explode onto the national scene during the Great Depression.

Blue Cross

When the Depression hit, hospitals found their beds empty because unemployed workers couldn't afford expensive medical care. A national plan, called the Blue Cross, used the Baylor method and marketed hospital care to groups of workers. When World War II commenced, and the manufacturing economy ramped up, employers used group health coverage to attract good workers. By the end of the war years, the U.S. health care system had been fundamentally transformed.

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