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How an Assisted Living Community Helps When a Parent Breaks a Hip November 16, 2017

White Plains, Westchester
How an Assisted Living Community Helps When a Parent Breaks a Hip, White Plains, New York

If your elderly parent breaks a hip, the road to recovery is a hard one. Fortunately, there are many good rehabilitation options available, including a temporary stay in an assisted living community. Located in White Plains, CarePatrol of New York helps local families find the best facility for their needs. This placement agency shares a brief guide on what to do when your senior parent breaks a hip. 

A Brief Guide to Assisted Living Communities 

What Happens After a Broken Hip?

assisted living communityThe time right after a hip surgery is the most crucial. Failure to let the surgical site heal results in complications, and may require more surgery. In this case, some elderly patients may be kept in the hospital to undergo supervised rehabilitation to ensure they are performing all exercises correctly. Seniors are also given canes or walkers to help them maneuver around. A full recovery takes a year or longer. 

How Does an Assisted Living Community Help?

If you’re concerned that a loved one is not ready to be on his or her own after being released from the hospital, placement in an assisted living facility is a good option. Facilities offer round-the-clock supervision and trained professionals who will help your loved one perform daily exercises and routines. Workers will also do basic chores and tasks that a senior may have trouble completing after surgery.

Serving both the Hudson Valley and Westchester Counties, CarePatrol of New York is dedicated to helping locals secure the best assisted living communities available. Their advisors have years of experience and understand how stressful the process is when choosing a facility for a senior loved one. Call (914) 357-8084 or visit the website for more information.

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