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3 Tips to Alleviate Your Dog’s Anxiety When Visiting the Veterinarian November 17, 2017

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3 Tips to Alleviate Your Dog’s Anxiety When Visiting the Veterinarian, Clermont, Georgia

Most dogs get anxious going to the veterinarian. Yet, regular veterinary care is essential for a healthy life for your beloved animal. That’s why the experts at Clermont Veterinary Hospital focus on providing a calm atmosphere for stressed-out pets in Clermont, GA. They’ve compiled a list of a few tips to help you ease your dog’s anxiety, below.

How to Alleviate Your Canine’s Anxiety

1. Make the Car Ride Fun

veterinarianOften, dogs go in the car to see the vet. When told to get in, they’re immediately suspicious and anxious. However, to combat this, take them on car rides throughout the year. Visit the park or drive around the block a few times with the windows open. This will help them associate the car with positive experiences and reduce their anxiety.

2. Practice Makes Perfect

Practice an exam at home. A significant portion of a dog’s stress at the veterinary clinic comes from the fact that they don’t like to be touched in strange places. So, why not practice handling your dog yourself? Touch his feet, ears, and tail, and feel his skin. This will get him used to being felt in these areas and help you notice any new lumps or bumps on his skin.

3. Keep Yourself Calm

Your pup tunes into your feelings, particularly in a stressful environment. If he begins to behave poorly from the anxiety at the veterinarian’s office, remain calm. Speak in a soothing voice and act exactly as you do at home.

When you need a qualified veterinarian, turn to Clermont Veterinary Hospital. With a team of highly experienced professionals and state-of-the-art technologies, these experts conduct in-depth examinations to accurately diagnose any problems and tailor treatments to your pet’s needs. To schedule an appointment, call (770) 983-7851 or visit them online to learn more. 

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