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How an Auto Glass Repair Shop Fixes Your Scratched Windshield April 20, 2018

Cincinnati, Hamilton
How an Auto Glass Repair Shop Fixes Your Scratched Windshield, Cincinnati, Ohio

What do windshield wipers, road debris, and low-hanging tree limbs have in common? They can all scuff your windshield. A scratched windshield is more than an unsightly inconvenience; it can restrict your view of the road and put both you and other vehicles at risk. The auto glass repair specialists at GlassPro, Inc. in Lawrenceburg, IN, point out that a scratch repair is a simple and affordable process. Here, they shed some light on their work.

The glass repair required is dictated by the severity of the damage. A small, minor surface scratch is remedied by the easiest and quickest fix. In most cases, the specialist buffs the surface to remove the impaired material. Next, they polish the windshield to ensure a smooth and clear view of the road.

Auto Glass RepairIf the scratch has penetrated deeper or involves chipping, more work is needed to establish a stable surface area. The auto glass repair expert injects a filler to replace the missing material and strengthen the remaining glass. Typically composed of an epoxy resin, the solution is placed in the scratch before suctioning equipment is used to remove all air bubbles. This step is followed by polishing and a cleaning for a seamless finish.

With a scratch, the auto glass repair process is straightforward and convenient. However, if you let the scratch sit for too long, it can require more serious work. The elements can quickly deepen the damage and cause it to spread. If it grows too large, a full windshield replacement is required, so fix it as soon as you notice the problem to avoid costly service. 

Many insurance companies cover some or all of the cost of auto glass repairs, but remember: you get to choose the glass company, not your provider. If you live in the Greater Cincinnati area, contact GlassPro, Inc. for both simple and complicated windshield repairs. Find the most economical solution for your scratched or chipped windshield today by calling (513) 874-6559, and learn more about their services online.

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