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5 Creative Ways to Honor a Loved One’s Memory With Cremation Ashes November 2, 2017

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5 Creative Ways to Honor a Loved One’s Memory With Cremation Ashes, Harrison, Ohio

When a loved one passes away, there are many details that must be worked out to ensure their memory is honored in a special way. As an increasing number of people opt for cremation rather than a burial, if you wish to memorialize your loved one with a unique idea, there are plenty of actions that can be taken with their ashes. The compassionate staff at Minges Funeral Home is committed to providing Cincinnati and Harrison, OH, residents with all the support and guidance they need to get through such a difficult time. Below, they give a few inspirational suggestions of what to do with someone’s ashes after their death.

5 Creative Options for Cremation Ashes

1. Create a Piece of Jewelry

There are companies that can incorporate ashes into beautiful hand-blown glass jewelry pieces or sparkly diamonds. Whichever style you prefer, you can always keep your loved one near on a bracelet, necklace, ring or pendant.

2. Fill an Hourglass

Hourglasses are nostalgic keepsakes that add a vintage look to any décor. This is why they’re perfect for holding cremation remains. Though they won’t be accurate at keeping time, it’s an elegant way to pass ashes down from generation to generation.

3. Get a Tattoo

cremationIf you want a permanent reminder of your loved one everywhere you go, getting a tattoo might be the perfect option. Many tattoo artists will mix ashes in with the ink to make your artwork more special.

4. Plant a Tree

If you love the idea of seeing new life spring up out of death, you might consider a living memorial urn. These are designed to combine ashes with soil in a container where a tree will start to grow.  

5. Put on a Fireworks Display

Having a company put cremated ashes into firework shells will allow you to celebrate your loved one with a stunning fireworks display. This will scatter their remains in a brilliant explosion of color and light.

When deciding what to do with your loved ones ashes, it’s important to take their wishes and personality into consideration. Whichever idea you choose should be a proper reflection of their life. Contact Minges Funeral Home at (513) 367-4544, or visit their website to learn more about the cremation process.  

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