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How Repetitive Movements Contribute to the Formation of Trigger Points November 15, 2017

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How Repetitive Movements Contribute to the Formation of Trigger Points, Lincoln, Nebraska

A trigger point, or more commonly known as a muscle knot, refers to a patch of tightly contracted muscle tissue that can cause tightness and acute or chronic pain. In some situations, a trigger point in one muscle can shoot pain into another area. A leading cause of this ailment is repetitive movement and mechanical stress. Below is what you need to know to avoid further pain.

Understanding Trigger Points

How Does Repetitive Stress Overload Cause Trigger Points?

Repetitive stress overload occurs when the muscle’s functional endurance cannot keep up with a repeated task. Whether this is moving furniture for an extended period or doing yard work every day, overuse of the muscle may cause injuries. Trigger points form when the muscle fibers have to work harder to keep up with the repetitive movements and become tired and damaged as a result.

What Are the Different Types?

trigger pointThere are two types of trigger points that form as a result of repetitive movement. Active trigger points can be identified through the symptoms of pain at the point and surrounding areas. In contrast, latent trigger points cause pain only when they’re touched, but they can still restrict movement and affect muscle patterns.

What Are the Treatment Options?

The most effective form of treatment is trigger point release therapy. During a session, the therapist locates the trigger point under the thumb or fingers and applies downward pressure to release the muscle fibers.


If you’re experiencing chronic pain as a result of repetitive stress overload, turn to the specialist at Trigger Point Myotherapy in Lincoln, NE, for treatment. The leading practice provides comprehensive therapies and techniques to provide pain relief and restore mobility. Call (402) 228-8955 today to schedule an appointment or visit the website for more information about their services. 

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