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Roofing Contractor Details 5 Benefits of Roof Coatings October 24, 2017

Elsmere, Covington
Roofing Contractor Details 5 Benefits of Roof Coatings, Covington, Kentucky

The importance of a strong and durable roof over your home or commercial space is paramount. Though it’s not required to apply a coating, there are many benefits to having a protective layer. Northern Kentucky Roofing, located in Florence, KY, is a roofing contractor with almost 20 years of experience; here, they explain how the feature is designed to lower maintenance expenses and increase the longevity of your structure.

The Advantages of Coating Your Roof


Residential and commercial roofs benefit from a surface that reflects the sun’s heat. By deflecting this energy, you will keep the interior of your building cooler, leading to reduced power bills.


Roofing contractorAnother benefit of reflecting the sun’s UV rays is that your roof will last longer and you save on maintenance and repair costs. A coating applied by a professional roofing contractor will ensure it endures against the elements and protects your home for years.


On commercial buildings, coatings create a seamless layer on low incline roofs. When the product is applied with a sprayer, the process creates a weather-tight seal around pipes and other irregular surfaces. Sealing near flat slopes and around uneven surfaces protects your roof against storms and inclement weather.


The reflective nature of the covering allows your roof to maintain its color longer. The coating helps keep your shingles looking crisp and new and increases the curb appeal of your home.

Energy Star Rating

One way to increase the Energy Star rating of a building is to apply a coating designed to improve the energy efficiency of a structure. A roof covering is often the easiest way to meet the required values specified by the code.

To take advantage of these benefits, turn to the team at Northern Kentucky Roofing in Elsmere, KY. Their team will help you find the coating that’s best for the composition of your roof. Visit their website to see a full list of their services, including repairs and replacements, or call (859) 445-3921 to speak with a roofing contractor today. 

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