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Why Pet Stain Removal Is Hard & How Professionals Can Help November 3, 2017

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Why Pet Stain Removal Is Hard & How Professionals Can Help, Honolulu, Hawaii

You love your animals, but it can be upsetting to discover yet another pet stain on the carpet or sofa. And as any pet parent knows, pet stain removal is tough, and despite their best efforts, many homeowners are left with carpeting that has a lingering odor or mark. Here is a little more information about pet stains and how professionals can help restore your home.

Pet Stain Removal Explained

Why Is It So Difficult?

Although every animal is a little different, their urine contains many of the same building blocks that make stains stick around. In addition to water, pet urine typically contains a variety of substances that create volatile organic compounds as they decompose. Additionally, since some pets, like cats, have incredibly efficient bodies that remove every drop of water from the foods that they eat, pet urine is often incredibly strong, making odors even more potent. Coupled with the fact that pets like to “go” in areas where they have already gone, pet stain removal can feel like a grueling, impossible feat.

How Can Professionals Help? 

pet stain removalFortunately, professional cleaners have discovered ways to break down pet stains on a microscopic level, making it possible to remove even the most difficult odors. By pre-treating stains with enzymatic cleaners that change their chemistry, professional carpet cleaners can tackle odors and remove all evidence of your animal’s accident completely. Additionally, since experts also have special tools, like weighted hot water extraction machines and high-powered water vacuums, they can remove pet stains from deep within your carpet and upholstery fibers, improving the texture as well. 


Are you ready to tackle the pet messes in your home once and for all? The professionals at A-1 Spotless Carpet Cleaning are known for taking on messes nobody else will touch, helping home and business owners enjoy cleaner, fresher-smelling spaces. In addition to offering pet stain removal, their technicians can also help with upholstery cleaning, water damage restoration and odor control. For more information about their services, visit them online, or call (808) 674-2000.

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