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3 Questions to Ask Your Divorce Attorney October 18, 2017

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3 Questions to Ask Your Divorce Attorney, Reedsburg, Wisconsin

Once you’ve hired a qualified divorce attorney, you’re at least partway to a successful divorce settlement. To ensure you’re adequately prepared for the process ahead, it’s wise to ask your lawyer a few key questions from the start. Understanding the legal aspects will help you remain informed, focused, and ease stress during this challenging time.

What Should You Ask Your Divorce Attorney? 

1. What Can I Expect?

Ask your divorce attorney, what, specifically, he or she plans to do to ease the legal process ahead. Based on the information you have given, your lawyer will have a plan of action—as well as a backup or two—that may be employed. In many cases, your representative can also give you an idea of a relative timeline of events, so you’ll be able to prepare accordingly.

2. Would You Recommend Mediation or Arbitration?

divorce attorneyDivorce cases require either mediation or arbitration to arrive at a settlement. Which method your lawyer suggests ultimately depends on your unique needs. In mediation cases, a neutral third party will aid in the resolution between you and your partner. In arbitration cases, on the other hand, an arbitrator makes the final call, similar to a judge in court.

3. What Problems Might Arise?

Your lawyer should be upfront about any potential problems that may arise. For example, if your partner disagrees with the child visitation terms of your contract, and a dispute unravels, you may need to go court. By preparing for these issues before they occur, you will be best set up for success.


For a qualified divorce attorney in the Reedsburg, WI, area, turn to the seasoned team at LaRowe Gerlach Taggart, LLP, Attorneys at Law. With over 35 years of experience, they’ll provide the quality legal counsel and representation you need to secure a favorable outcome. To schedule a free consultation with an experienced attorney, call today at (608) 524-8231. To learn more about their experience in family law, visit the firm online

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